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Skanky Pleasures - The Girls of Celebrity Reality Dating

It was one of the best dating shows on TV and remains demonstrably superior to is that it culls its contestants from real life.

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Really boring guys with really boring jobs who make really boring decisions.

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Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

You have management consultants, bartenders, farmers, and software salespeople. Bret wasn’t just there for love, but everything in between... In the three seasons of the show, Bret expressed his interest in the dozens of women who showed up by unabashedly making out with every contestant upon first meeting them, commenting on their “smokin’ hot" bodies, and happily accepting his fair share of sexual advances from anyone who offered.

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He based dates around his wants and needs, taking contestants out to ride dune buggies, eat steak, and watch live Poison DVDs.Dating game show - pedia

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